1. Go to GALAHAD 3093 Steam Store Page
2. Click: Add to your wishlist
3. Click: Request Access
4. Download game and Play!

Look for this:


What does it cost?

Participation in the beta of GALAHAD 3093 costs nothing.  Enjoy!

Who can participate?

Anyone! But keep in mind the following:

> PC/Windows Only

> Requires a pretty beefy PC gaming rig

> We are generally only testing with North American servers (but game handles cross-continent lag pretty well)

When is the beta?

The game is open during specific periods of time:

1. Every weekend

2. During random pop-up betas (to test specific things)

3. Extended betas (which we announce)

We announce betas on our discord server. Join us there!

Can I Stream during the beta?  Is there an NDA?

There is no NDA and you can stream all you want. In fact, we encourage it!


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