We will be running beta tests all the way up until Early Access.

Help us make this game the best it can be!


1. Go to GALAHAD 3093 Steam Store Page
2. Click: Add to your wishlist
3. Click: Request Access
4. Download game and Play!

Look for this:


What does it cost?

Participation in the beta of GALAHAD 3093 costs nothing.  Enjoy!

Who can participate?

Anyone! But keep in mind the following:

> PC/Windows Only

> Requires a pretty beefy PC gaming rig

> We are generally only testing with North American servers (but game handles cross-continent lag pretty well)

When is the beta?

The game is not always available at the moment, but only during planned betas periods. We sometimes do short surprise beta tests (to help test a specific feature for example), and we announce this on our discord server.

Can I Stream during the beta?  Is there an NDA?

There is no NDA and you can stream all you want. In fact, we encourage it!


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